Pastor David Kiesling

How did I come to place my trust in Christ?

When I was a boy, my mom would take me and my brothers and sisters to church regularly. She would always have a Christian radio station playing called Moody Bible Radio 91.5 F.M. I would hear this often, and wake up to this.

One day, a Sunday school teacher took me out of class. I was doing something I should not have been doing. He explained to me the Bible tells us we all have sinned and have fallen short. I knew this; I often would swear, lie, steal, etc, at even seven years old. He told me Jesus died for me personally on the cross. Jesus took my sins on Him. He died for me. I always thought it was only the other guy Jesus died for. I didn’t think it was just for me, but it was. He told me the Bible said Jesus must be asked to forgive your sins; He must be invited into your life. He asked me to pray and ask Jesus to be my Savior, and I did. This was at Bethel Bible Church in Evergreen Park, Illinois.

Since then, I stopped stealing, lying, and (it was hard and I had to constantly work at it, but I stopped) swearing as well. Jesus ought to make a difference in life.

I decided to go to Moody Bible Institute in downtown Chicago. I finished there and then worked at Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. I became an assistant pastor at Grace Bible Church in Berwyn, Illinois and then the pastor where I now have served since January of 1991, Hessville Bible Church of Hammond, Indiana.

It is by God’s grace through faith in Christ that one’s sins are forgiven. Paul tells us that salvation is a gift of God, lest anyone should boast. I praise God for His grace given to me and that the Bible tells me that His grace is more than enough.

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